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Cooks and Gronk for Green and Tate


Am I crazy to want to accept this trade? 6 man Keeper, Full PPR. Send out Gronk and Cooks and receive Green and Tate. I just can’t get myself to pull the trigger. Im weak at WR, having only Cooks and Decker(who isn’t even keepable). Is it worth Streaming TE and having a locked and loaded WR1 with a solid 2? In a vacuum, what would you do?


AT first glance I wouldn’t take the deal. Word out of camp is Cooks is looking spectacular. He is going to be doing a lot of work through the slot and can go downfield if needed. So Cooks can really excel this season.

But getting Green seals the deal for me. I would take the trade.


I would take the trade, Cooks while great is very boom or bust, Gronk’s 2nd home is the ER.


I’m with @rlogan35. Green and Gronk injury possibility cancel each other out. Green is gold baby.


I would take this trade. Gronk is way too injury prone for me to be comfortable with passing on Green for him. Furthermore, you have two players from the same team, that is never fun. While NE is a high power offense and would be my preferred team to have two players from if I had to pick one, give me an elite WR and a solid PPR option on different teams any day of the week.