Cooks, Chark, Ekeler, Hyde

Having a really hard time deciding my starting lineup this week.

Can either start Cooks or Chark at WR and then start Ekeler or Hyde at my flex.

What two guys do you think I should go with?

I would start ekeler over Hyde. Hopefully they realized he’s they’re best offensive player and give him the ball before the fourth quarter. Probably chark over cooks. I’d take the appearance of wr1 on the team. But depends if you need to score a lot and okay off cooks bust. He only runs streaks from games I watched.

My issue with Ekeler is I think the game against the bears will be close and they won’t be down like they have been. But also my issue with Hyde is he is only good in positive game scripts…

Just got a bad feeling the one time I don’t start Cooks he will go off lol

I feel the same but I’d rather have someone get me 12-17 than someone who will get 6 or 21

I would start Cook over Chark.

Ekeler is the move this week. Chargers DEF is not routinely stopping teams from scoring 20+ points.


If I start Cooks… who would u start at flex? Ekeler or Chark

I would start Ekeler.