Cooks for Davis & more!

He offered me:
Corey Davis
Tre’Quan Smith
Kalen Ballage
Brandin Cooks
John Brown
Kapri Bibbs

No picks involved.
I’m high on Cooks but I think Smith & Ballage have a good chance at breaking out this year. I feel like Davis is always surrounded by high expectations & just hasn’t lived up just yet, although the targets are there.
What do y’all think?

Id keep cooks side. To much “what if” on the other side. Cooks is just a proven player on a stacked team. IMO

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That’s my main concern. Like I said I’m big on Cooks, that just reassures my thoughts.

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Pass. WOuldn’t give up cooks for all 3 of those alone.

There’s no one worth owning in NO outside of MT, Kamara, Cook. Trequan is like maybe the 4th in line for targets for a team that has transitioned to relying on defense and run game. Good luck making start / sit decisions with trequan. Also ginn is still there.

Ballage is just trash. No idea why anyone wants to own him.

I would reject this but I’d reject deals built around Davis on so many players. He’s just someone I have no confidence in.