Cooks for Josh Gordon

I’ve been offered Gordon for my Cooks. I also have Woods at WR and would like to split them up. Standard scoring. Would you do it? Patriots schedule is baby soft

Bumpity bump

I would do it. The Patriots schedule is easier (though in my opinion, not by much) than the Rams. Though since its Wednesday the trade may not go through till next week, since the Pats play tomorrow. Unless your league has no trade review or rejection time (even that being said I would still do it)

I’d lean towards accepting. Can you squeeze anyone else off him with Gordon? I think Cooks is still seen as a better value in most owner’s eyes and Gordon hasn’t been putting up big numbers, so I don’t think it’s asking too much.

I’d like to throw in my Devonta for his Kerryon in the deal

Trades are also instantaneous

He countered with Gordon, Hyde, Watkins and an 8th rounder for my devonta, cooks and my last round pick.

Latest offer is his Gordon, Hyde, Fitz, and a 6th for my Cooks, Freeman, and last round pick. Standard scoring. Do you smash the accept button?