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Cooks in Dynasty


Hey all, Just wondering what people would be willing to part ways with Cooks for in a PPR Dynasty. I was just offered Demarius Thomas and the muscle hamster for cooks and a 2nd. I am not a fan and was considering countering with Demarius and his 1st for Cooks and a 3rd.

Cook has the upside but Dem is consistent. I’m good at the other positions just have a lot of OK guys at WR. Cooks value seems to be pretty high because this is the 3rd person that has offered.


Had NE not just extended Edelman I would have had a pretty high price for Cooks. Unlike others in these forums (@BusterD…cough cough), I think the great duggle still has value.

It is so hard to tell what will happen with Cooks and Thomas. At least for Cooks it is completely unknown, but for Thomas the last 3 years have been a steady decline in every measurable except fumbles. That mixed with QB uncertainty in Denver makes me think this might be the year he dips below 1000 yards.

Not sure what advice to give here, it really depends on next year’s draft class.


Yea super tough and conflicted… trade on the table now is demarius and 2nd for just cooks.


Cooks just isn’t that good in my opinion. In a best ball league he’s great, but he is so inconsistent. I also think Brady ends his career at the end of Edelman’s contract, so it’s not like Cooks will have the best QB throwing him the ball.

If you could get Doug Martin and Demaryius Thomas for Cooks and a 2nd then I would do that in a heart beat!