Cooks + (insert RB here) for Mike Evans?

Thinking of offering Brandon Cooks and some RB help in exchange for Mike Evans from a team that’s 1-3. Do you guys think Cooks and Duke Johnson would be enough to pry him away, or should I up the ante a bit? His WR1 is Beckham, so I’m targeting his WR2 with Cooks becoming his replacement WR2, and he’s thin at RB behind Kareem the Dream, with Montgomery questionable and only Terrance West besides.

8 Team standard, my RBs are Bell, Hyde, McCaffrey, Duke Johnson, Latavius (scooped off waivers after I lost Dalvin Cook) and Ellington. I think Cooks and McCaffrey might be too much to offer, but if I offer him a lesser WR than Cooks, I think he might reject

Other WRs are M Thomas and Fitz.

Thanks Footclan!

If I were the Evans owner I would not trade him away for Mr. Houdini (Cooks) and Duke. That doesn’t help his team that much. As much as you don’t want to give up McCaffery with Cooks…that is what it would take for me to give him up.

I think McCaffrey’s name has more value than he is actually worth. Duke and McCaffrey are pretty even to me. If I were the Evans owner I would not do that, but it’s worth a shot.