Cooks isn't cookin

Do I roll with Brandin Cooks against Tampa Bay or do I accept the trade offer of Chris Hogan and Ameer Abdullah for him. I’m in need of some running backs due to the byes in Week 5.

I have Cooks in one of my league’s but if I was offered that and I needed an RB, I’d take it.

I don’t think there’s much between Cooks and Hogan.Hogan is the RZ target and Cooks more of a home run look for Brady.

That’s what I was thinking but I know Amendola is making his way back as well.

True. Cook’s is one of those guys that one week he’ll have 89 rec yards and 2 TD’s to 36 rec yards and 0 TD’s the next. It’s a matter of who you trust in a spread offense that Brady likes to have.

I’d do the trade but then i’d be trying to flip Hogan right away.

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Great shout