Cooks or McLaurin this week?

Cooks plays Atl, Trufant hasn’t practiced yet this week and might be out Sun. Of course he could wind up playing and if that’s the case even though the Atl D is junk- life long Falcons fan- Trufant could give Cooks problems if he was matched up in him. Other than that I’d feel pretty good about Cooks this week.

Other option is Scary Terry with Keenum expected to start. These two have connected for a TD/TDs every time they have started together. McLaurin is legit as you all know.

Goff plays well with no pressure, ATL D generates no pressure. SF D line may be more than Wash cand handle?

I’m leaning Cooks for the matchup. What do y’all think?

I like cooks upside and higher potential. Niner has there way with the rams line last week. I don’t think redskins are any better. I’m starting both because of byes but not super confident in it. Debating starting Auden tate over one

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Cooks for sure. SF shut down LAR last week, and WSH ain’t no LAR.


Thanks for the input^.

The 9ers shut down LA for sure, but Goff can’t play unless he has a clean pocket. So shutting down LA doesn’t mean that McLaurin won’t produce. McLaurin’s numbers are crazy for a rookie on a sub-par offense.

Goff should be upright all day against Atl so he should have a good day. I’d feel better starting him than Cooks. Cooks may be a decent floor play?

I need to get this right b/c my RBs are Gordon and Singletary…both are ceiling only plays this week.

The matchup goes to Cooks, the QB production will favor Cooks, the targets go to McLaurin, and the game script favors more volume to McLaurin. Too many mouths to feed on the Rams, too much Dline pressure coming to Keenum. Tough call.

I’ll say McLaurin. “…the targets go to McLaurin, and the game script favors more volume to McLaurin. Too many mouths to feed on the Rams…”. Exactly what I was thinking. We know that Washington will be playing catch up. Very possible that the Rams are too, but with Cupp and Woods competing for targets I like McLaurin just a little more.

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Would you guys take Auden Tate over either mclaurin or cooks?

This is a tough one, really good analysis by you though…I’d say based on game script and the fact that Gurley was cleared to play and put in a full practice on Friday, go with McLaurin. Like you said, too many mouths to feed in LA and they just got another empty bowl to fill…

He’s a sneaky start, but I couldn’t swallow benching McLaurin or Cooks over Tate. Maybe over Cooks, but the volume is gonna be there on Sunday and Goff is definitely going to have the time to take deep shots. Kupp and Woods generally have better games than Cooks when Goff is being hurried a lot. This won’t be one of those games (but everybody also thought KC’s pass rush was trash, then Thursdays game happened…so, you have to factor in Any Given Sunday) so like I said, can’t really say I’d have the stones to bench either of them over Tate…


McLaurin is the floor play if you just need pts, but Cooks so worth the swing on if you need a big game. Trufant has been a shell of himself, the whole Falcons defense has

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I’m banking on ^this^