Cool to rage drop Stafford?

He single handedly steered me to losing. Full tilting over here.

Awww it’s my ballers birthday.

I’m not going to, wait to see if he’s hurt or anything but he could have a good game against sf next week

Im hardly enthusiastic about him doing good next week against SF when he just crapped the bed against the Jets.

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How would knowing if he is hurt helpful? I think I would still want to drop him.

I’m waiting a bit but going to look into if he got injured or not. He’s such a consistent fantasy QB that if he’s not injured he could pull out of this. It’s just week 1 also. But if it’s an injury then drop.

If you have a better option, sure drop him. But Stafford has put up like 4k yards and 30 TDs like every season. One bad game doesn’t erase a career of production for me.

Such is fantasy though, I tried to stack him and Jones Jr to get an advantage.

Rage dropping Stafford is only making your team worse and potentially someone else in your league better.

I had Big Ben on my team and he had a horrible game too, but next week looks like a great match up for him so I will jump right back on the horse. You can’t be reflective you need to let it go and have blinders on towards the next week.

If there is a match up or QB you like on the wire and you want to start him over Stafford then go for it. If I can’t get one of the top 5 qbs I often grab two back end top ten guys and mix and match. You can almost always find a good match up for a spot qb start on the wire.

Jets could be a good defense

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He’s consistently a top fantasy qb and worth having. One bad game isn’t something to overreact to.

Ha, yeah, I feel better today. Just couldn’t believe how bad his game was. But he still got 8 points even with 4 picks. Though he did lose me my week. Onto Week 2!

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I would do it, but I am a Packers fan. Lions offense was garbage yesterday and that is me being unbiased. Try and trade him off, too risky right now

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I am trying to make a trade for a new QB. I have one team that has rostered Luck, Rivers, and Smith (so dumb). So, seeing if they want to move some pieces.

Lol, that’s probably good for you then. He’ll consider trading for Stafford cause he likes QBs alot

yes, I am comfortable at RB (kamara, howard, ajayi, conner) so seeing what I can get to bite for one of them (preferably conner)

I’d trade ajayi out of that crop of RBs. Played like 30-40 snaps. That production is not sustainable on so few snaps.

Will see coming up. Peterson came out saying he would be getting more snaps. Could be hype but I would rather have a confirmed RB1 in a RBBC then a guy who may be usurped tomorrow if the Steelers diva returns.

Also news came out about a Ben R injury. Should be considered.

I did the exact same thing. starting kupp over jones would’ve won my game for me, but them’s the breaks. I’m not dropping Stafford though, considering benching him and streaming a qb with a good matchup, but it’s important not to overreact to week 1. Stafford’s pick totals from last night make up half his totals from last season, and every qb has a bad game from time to time. He’s got a good matchup this week and is one of the more consistently productive QBs in the league. too soon to drop, in my opinion.

If it makes you feel even better Newt - It was, I believe, the 5th game of his career with 4 int so he isn’t likely to repeat it again this season. I had a game like that with Ryan a few years ago when he was having a good season but had one game where he threw 5-6 picks. It’s rough not to have a reaction when someone is normally a steady play.