Cooper and Fournette for Cooks and Carson?

Hey Footclan, just lost Saquon. Current receivers are D. Adams, R. Woods, A. Cooper and D. Chark. Current running backs are A. Gibson, J. Dobbins, L. Fournette. Wondering if an A. Cooper and L. Fournette trade for B. Cooks and C. Carson would be smart. I am not necessarily a fan of Cooks but I need another RB to pair with Gibson because I don’t think I can trust Dobbins. Thanks in advance!

I’d really try to get 2 RBs out of him if possible, or hit the waiver wire hard this week. It will be difficult to make a run with just Chris Carson and the other RBs you mentioned. Even if that doesn’t work, I still take the trade lol. Good luck!