Cooper and Ingram/Jacobs and Diggs

I am being offered Amari Cooper and Mark Ingram for Josh Jacobs and Stefon Diggs. Full PPR League. What do you guys think? Who would you rather have?

rather have diggs and jacobs. Jacobs is a tier 2/3 rb, ingram is a tier 6 rb and could be dropping since dobbins was used over him for goal line touches. Cooper is not that much of a step up from diggs

Unless you think the step down from jacobs is worth the small step up from diggs then dont take this

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Keep Diggs and Jacobs for sure.

I’m on the Jacobs/Diggs side, not even close

Jacobs/Diggs for sure. Ingram is losing the job to Dobbins at some point. Jacobs is looking like a top 5 RB as a workhorse back. I wouldn’t even trade him alone for those two.

Ingram already lost his job Dobbins