Cooper and Peyton for JuJu

Do I give up JuJu for a starting RB in Peyton Barber and the upside of Amari Cooper? Standard league so RBs carry a bit of weight.

I wouldn’t. I don’t love Barber this year. Yeah he’s a starting RB but if he ends in the top 24RBs I’d be surprised. I also have lost all faith in Cooper and Juju looks like a legitimate elite talent. Would love to hear the opinion of someone on the other side of this debate tho

What about Breida instead of Barber?

Barber is atleast likely to keep a starting role. Brieda is 190lbs, no way he can sustain a full starting workload all year. Garopolo doesn’t lean heavily on passing to RBs either so I would actually see him as a downgrade.

I will say though, I haven’t seen your roster so I could be wrong about whether or not it makes your team better. What does your team look like?

RBs: DJ, Lynch, Ingram
WRs: Adams, Sanders, Enunwa

Yeah I wouldn’t do it. In 3 weeks Barber will be useless on your team and if Cooper doesn’t turn it around he’ll be useless too. Juju will actually start for your team. Lynch’s injury doesn’t look serious and he was upgraded to a full practice yesterday so he should start. I don’t think you need to downgrade for depth.

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I would rather have Juju than Cooper to be honest. That raider offense is a mess and I would rather have a WR2 in a good offense than a WR1 in a bad offense.

Agreed, Juju will have a better season and is probably more talented than Amari