Cooper & Engram for J. Brown

Would you trade Amari Cooper and Evan Engram to receive John Brown? I have Trey Burton and am in desperate need of a WR2 behind Thielen (I’m starting Thielen and Geronimo this week…)

I don’t mind this. I’d trust Brown more than either 2 players you’re sending

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It works. Always possible Cooper will make you pull your hair out and go crazy ROS after everyone had to give up on him, but Brown is a ROS 20 pt PPR threat and Engram I am concerned about after only 4 targets I think vs Atl. That game is prob not representative of ROS Giants if they’re in form and play calling like reasonable humans, but those things only have like a 50-60% chance of happening going forward. I was a huge Engram pusher alll
Season and struggled trading him before last week Bc I drafted and saved him all season (and had him last season) but am so glad I made the trade now.

fyi it was Tevin for engram 1:1. You might end up feeling just as good, but Cooper admittedly scares me a little bit.

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