Cooper for Mixon Dynasty trade

Full PPR Dynasty.

Right now I have Evans and Mike Thomas for my Wrs (and Jarvis Landry as my flex)

RBs I have Ingram and Abdullah (Bad)

I would be trading Amari Cooper and getting Joe Mixon.

Do the trade… thoughts?

You’re really strong at WR so don’t hate the trade.

Personally think Cooper is worth more than just Mixon. He had a down year but he’s a rebound candidate this year.

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I am really high an landry, especially if the browns are any good going forward. And Hard Knocks is only reinforcing this so far. Your other two WR are excellent. I think Mixon is somewhere between a solid RB2 and a mid-tier RB1 at end of season. I see Cooper as mostly a Tyreek Hill type upside guy. Flex worthy occasionally. However, this Gruden offense is supposed to go through him so a bounceback/monster breakout could be in his future.

I would do that trade for Mixon in a heartbeat personally, especially with your lack of RB depth. But acknowledge the fact that end of season it might look lopsided in the other dudes favor.

Would not advise you make drafting / value decisions based on a reality TV show

I wouldnt say I Iam basing my decision on it. I am not convinced of his, or the browns’ overall success because of something i saw on TV. But seeing the team’s situation as documented by the series is certainly something to consider. Gordon isn’t there, Coleman wasn’t performing and subsequently got traded. A lot of the same reports were coming from the media already. Jarvis is the hardest working guy there. He is the go-to guy. You see the coaches and their reactions to him.

I guess what I am saying is it might need to be taken with a grain of salt, but it isn’t something that should be disregarded, IMO. And for the record I had drafted him in my dynasty start up before Hard Knocks came out.