Cooper/Hunt for Julio/Chubb URGENT

I am the Julio Jones and Nick Chubb owner… I am in a standard league. My roster is below… very hesitant to pull the trigger. Also pretty desperate tho since i am currently at 1-3 and last place in my league.

QB: Kyler Murray
WR: TY Hilton
WR: Marvin Jones
WR: Diontae Johnson
WR: Russell Gage
WR: Julio Jones
WR: Tee Higgins
RB: Nick Chubb
RB: Chris Carson
RB: Rojo
RB: Antonio Gibson
RB: Zack Moss
RB: Mark Ingram

I receive Amari Cooper and Kareem Hunt
I give away Julio Jones and Nick Chubb

the other owner also has DJ Chark, AJ Brown, Allen Robinson, and Robert Woods… should i ask him to possibly add one of those WRs?

Pretty even trade. Doubt you can get anymore out of him. At 1-3, you need to start getting some wins and 2 of your top players being out doesn’t set you up very nicely. I’d pull the trigger. Hunt still very relevant when Chubb comes back.