Cooper Kupp for Dalvin Cook?

Need a little depth at RB and stacked at WR. What do you guys think?

I was just looking at this same trade. I wanted to get depth back though for Kupp. I thought about packaging Royce Freeman or clement for mike Evans+cook since the guy that owns him is 1-4

If you could land Evans+Cook for Cupp+Clement i think that would be a steal long term dude

What would you say to Kupp for Fournette? I have someone that’s willing to do that straight up and down🤷🏼‍♂️

what’s your record and can you bum TJ Yeldon off someone?

2-3 and probably not…
my team is:
Jarrod Goff
Bench: Evan Engram, Clement, Royce Freeman, Greg zurlein, Westbrook, Allison, and Ty Montgomery

Also just got offered James white+ Shepard for Julio… really kind of like that trade

yeah man i dont know if i would do that fournette trade straight up, you cant afford to lose right now and who knows when Fournette could come back and play. It would put you in a tough spot

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I hate to keep blowing your feed up, but you actually respond lol. I don’t know that I love the Kupp for cook trade since Cook’s oline isn’t really the best. You’re hoping that he gets involved in pass catching because of that and who knows if they’ll actually let him rest enough for the injury to stop coming back up. I’m also a huge fan of Kupp though because of his Redzone use and his connection with Goff.

Now I have a guy that I’m trying to work a trade with for a RB. He has Sony so I was thinking maybe Packaging Julio with a low end RB for Sony+a lower end WR what do you think??

try to package Lindsey/Clement and sell as RB2’s to upgrade for a RB1 like Michel. that would allow you to stay stacked at WR and consolidate to a better starter at RB