Cooper Kupp or Amari Cooper?

I’m in a 10 team, half ppr, 2 keeper league that drafts later today. My keepers are McCaffrey and Michael Thomas. In mock drafts, I keep running into the choice between Amari Cooper or Cooper Kupp for my WR2. I know the Ballers have Amari Cooper in a higher tier, but I’m a bit nervous about his inconsistency, especially with Gallup on the roster. What does the footclan think?

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I don’t blame you, I’ve been avoiding Cooper as well. But I’m also nervous about Kupp in the 12 man personel. Maybe pivot to RB and stack WR at the next two picks?

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So, the way keepers work, I get McCaffrey for my 3rd round pick, and Thomas for my 4th. So in the 1st round I’ve been taking a RB, and in the 2nd a WR. I’ve played with taking Julio in the first, then a RB in the second, but I don’t like my options at RB there. And by the time I get to the 5th round, the rest of my draft plays out the same either way. So, at least in mocks, it kind of really just comes down to Cooper or Kupp

I’d def stay away from Julio in the first. He’s older now and think first round is just too high. He’s def a second rounder and will do well but to me you can get a better RB in the first round compared to a WR and you already have Thomas. WR is sooooo much deeper than RB that you’d be crazy to waste a pick on a WR in the first.