Cooper Kupp tilt help!

I benched Cooper Kupp and I’m having irrational start sit decisions help me with my roster please.


Anyone ???

Geronimo is a good start will Cobb banged up and questionable

Who would bench then? I agree but just hard to choose

Collins does get a lot of goal line work vultured…

I feel Collins has such a low ceiling.

I like the starting line up you currently have. Keep an eye on Keenan Allen right before the game starts to make sure he’s playing. If he doesn’t play, I’d take a chance on Allison having a big game against Buffalo at home.

I’m leaning benching Collins because he could lay an egg if bmore get behind and buck Allen shows up.

I like Collins in this game because these teams tend to get into really physical showdowns and Collins is by far the more physical/aggressive runner between he and J Allen. If you bench Collins I probably play Allison in his place. And if you’re already playing Allison bc of Keenan, then I’d also play Watkins.

Give me Gmo over Collins.

Potentially Watkins over DT but that’s a lot closer.

Are Callaway, Godwin, or Boyd on your waivers? I’d start them over DT. If not, Allison might be an upside play over Thomas.

None are on waivers. My league is 12 team and everyone keeps up. Probably listening to ffb.

I have doubts about dt. My gut is saying Watkins over dt. And gmo over Collins.

yes, do that if you want upside. Although honestly DT isn’t a bad play.

I like DT in this matchup. KC defense has been awful and this is at home. And DT is their #1 guy after all.

Sanders is their #1 guy if we’re being honest and I’d be happy to waterbet sanders out produces DT by a wide margin by year end.

I think if Cobb sits out gmo I’ll put him in my 2nd wr spot and see how my team does and what kind of player I will need according to matchup. Good thing about Sunday night and Monday night game.

I don’t disagree but that doesn’t mean they can’t both eat vs. this KC D. And D. Thomas is their WR1 on paper at least, but yeah I agree Sanders has higher probability of having a better ROS, as long as he doesn’t get injured.

I think dt is a safe floor but Watkins and Collins can easily disappear.

Thanks for y’all input. As of now I’m leaning dt and gmo. I know @falcones404 said Collins but Collins is a tough play and I’m a ravens fan.