Cooper Kupp Trade (yes or no)

I got an offer for Cooper Kupp. I got offered Jordy Nelson, Myles Gaskin, Robert Woods and a 2020 3rd rd pick, for John Brown, Cooper Kupp and Deebo Samuel. Should I Accept? Why or why not?

Not the worst offer but i would say no.

I like Kupp long term over Woods and John brown in buffalo might work out .

I’d lean no. But I think woods is an interesting offer. I’d also be tempted to gauge your league opponent interest in dealing woods without Kupp being involved.

Kupp is the slot guy there. If you’re in any type of ppr format, then I hang onto him since he and Woods are in the same offense.

I also agree that Brown could kind of be a thing in Buffalo if Allen can let him run under it

I would pass on this trade. In a vacuum, Kupp > Woods. Woods shined last year for sure but he is not nearly as good of a red zone threat as Kupp. If Kupp stays healthy, then I have him pegged at 12-14 TDs just like I did last year. Which he was on pace to smash btw.

Nelson is literally not worth anything and unplayable. 2020 3rd rounder is also worthless. So it’s basically Gaskins vs John Brown and Samuel. Without knowing with Gaskin lands, you have no idea what his value is. And even if he does land somewhere decent, I honestly don’t buy him as an NFL caliber RB. I put his value at maybe a fringe flex/RB3. I’d rather see what Smokey brown can do in Buffalo where Deebo lands. Upside on those 2 players are higher than that of gaskins.

hard pass. jordy isnt even on a team right now. that could end up good, but more likely to end badly. gaskins, also not on a team because he hasnt even been drafted yet. where you are playing matters. robert woods i love, but i fan boyed on kupp hard his rookie season, and he was on pace to be a WR1 this year, and a top end WR1 too. woods also had a great year, just not as good. and tell him that offering a 2020 anything but a 1st just looks like a rip off. add in that john brown is young and could also end up somewhere valuable (more likely than nelson) and same goes for deebo over gaskins.

Agree with everything you said. But just FYI, smokey JB landed in Buffalo already. Not fantastic, but not the worst either given there will be plenty of opportunity.

oh shit thats right, a lot of action so far this off season. i actually dig him there.