Cooper kupp vs sony michel

I have a trade offer sending cooper kupp and receiving sony michel I’m not sure what to do. Should I straight up accept or try and add some more pieces or decline. I’m high on kupp and think he has the potential to have the most fantasy points out of the wr on the rams rosters.

My team is
Rb= Gordon, Powell, penny, Rojo, kerryon
Wr= Allen, diggs, baldwin, kupp, DJ moore, Miller, Taywan taylor.

His team is
Rb= fournette, Howard, cook, Peterson, sony, Montgomery
Wr= fuchness, Hogan, cobb, hurns, Mike Williams.

I’d be willing to take Sony for Kupp. You’re wr core is pretty solid and he won’t even really start for you but your RB core needs help. You have a bunch of dart throws and need more darts to hope you hit. Rojo sucks so he’s out. If you can, i’d try and trade like Kupp + Rojo to upgrade to like howard or cook or something. Whoever he values less. But he would be pretty stupid to make that trade.

Yeah he isnt dumb I will see what else I can get but I feel I may have to give up a top wr for a good rb on his but I dont want cook and he just traded to get Howard.

Thoughts on kupp, Allen for sony fournette ? Half ppr

No cause then you just go from one extreme to the other. If you lose Allen, you’re looking at Diggs and Baldwin as WR1 and 2. Both with significant injury risk.

Hmmmm I’ll have a think thanks mate!

Thoughts on kupp rojo for ty Montgomery and sony ?

I don’t want Rojo and I don’t want ty Mont either. Just do a trade Kupp for Sony straight up or swap out ty mont for someone else.

I just did a trade in one of my own keeper superflex leagues cause I went Zero RB and need the RB upside:

Traded away: Baker + Watkins
Received: Michel + Golladay