Cooper Kuppa Coffee or Calvin Ridley, ROY?

Who would you rather have for the rest of the year in a Full Point PPR league, Cooper Kupp or Calvin Ridley??

Easy to yell Kupp right now but I think with the passing volume and lack of targets in Atlanta, Ridley finishes the year higher.

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I want Kupp. He’s getting a ridiculous target share right now and even if it drops off slightly he is dtill going to get a massive amount of targets. I think Kupp continues to dominate this year.

Hard to say… People are so quick to forget that Kupp has already had limited stretches in the past where he was BY FAR the #1 overall WR in fantasy… Just to finish the year as a low end WR1 at best. But were those drop-offs due to Goff or Kupp? Just no way of knowing. Ridley, on the other hand, is guaranteed to hold a huge target share on a terrible team. He’s definitely safer where Kupp could have more upside.

I love both, but you have to look at offenses here and decide which one you want stock in. I think that’s gotta be Los Angeles…

I don’t see a reason to worry about target share. Kupp has averaged over 8 targets per game over the last three years and is the main receiving TD threat on that team (last year was an anomaly).

As a Lions fan, I can tell you first-hand that Stafford’s favorite target tends to EAT when it comes to fantasy points and it is pretty clear who that is at this point. As long as he’s on the field, Kupp should smash.

Atlanta’s offense looks putrid. Ridley will still be great and probably even pull in more targets than Kupp, but give me the #1 option on one of the league’s best offenses.

Did you mean LA here?

I will go Ridley overall. But it’s close. I don’t want to put too much stock into a small sample for Kupp with Stafford v a short blip between Ridley and Ryan.

Whoops - lol. Yes

Kupp, not sure what happened to the frequent analysis in the past of how bad Matt Ryan is without Julio, and now he is without Julio permanently. Ridley will be solid, but will rely on frequent garbage time which is still fine, but will likely not find the end zone as much as last year (9 TDs in 2020), maybe seeing him get more like 6 TDs this season. Kupp could very likely see 10+ TDs this year. The only advantage I give to Ridley is he’ll likely have more yardage, but I see both Ridley and Kupp with very comparable targets/receptions ROS.