Cooper/McCoy for CMC

Would you all do it? Dynasty PPR league.

RBs - Hunt, Cook, McCoy, Powell, Dixon, Carson, and Ito

WR - Cooper, Tyreek Hill, Kupp, Crowder, Woods, Rishard Mathews, and pretty much every rookie receiver.

Would lose one of my start WR but I view CMC as a receiver essentially anyways.

I had to think about it for a minute, but i would do it yes. McCoy is getting up there now and maybe good for this year but i’d rather have CMC to pair with Hunt and Cook and be set at RB for now and the future. As for Cooper, i’m really not a fan which may be driving my decision but even when he has better years the points come in bunches and i don’t want that boom/bust on my squad every week and as you have Hill who can be like that at times i’d rather pair him with someone more consistent. If Hill and Cooper have down weeks, i.e single digit point weeks, then more than likely you’re loosing that matchup which is a hassle i’d rather not have for a handful of blow up games that may or may not happen.

Lock up the RB positions, you have a stud in Hill in my view and a couple of good PPR guys and if you have as many rookies as you say one of them at least will come good this year and give you a really strong roster this year and going forward. Next year if McCoy goes or drops way down into RB3/4 numbers and Cooper flops again and his value goes you’ll have holes to fill rather than chips to trade


I’d do it, but I’d try to squeeze in a little something extra first. Maybe something like a future 2nd round pick, because I think you could manage it. But all-in-all, I agree with James completely! He summed it up perfectly.

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I take CMC as well. McCoy might finally become irrelevant this year and Cooper is lower than CMC on my board. Simple as that!

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I’d definitely take CMC

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