Cooper, Mixon, Ingram for Bell + Kupp

Ok so I got the bell owner willing to trade me

Bell + Kupp for Mixon+Ingram+Cooper

Should I do it?.. I have Conner

I need to get back to him quick

Bumpity Bump Bump

I wouldn’t do it cause that’s huge risk, you don’t know if bell will show or not, if he doesn’t show then you you lose 3 players and that would be like trading mixon ingram and cooper for Kupp. Not worth it, unless im reading your post wrong.

Keep in mind he is also the Connor owner, so worst case scenario he still has a RB2 until Bell decides to show up.

I personally wouldn’t do it just because mixon is a 3 down back and Ingram is going to see tons of work in NO. Plus Cooper is still a high-tier WR. I think you’re giving up too much potential talent for 1 guy who may not even play.

However, playing devils advocate, you being the Connor owner makes you the only person in your league that should even consider trying to trade for Bell.

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I say in post that I have Conner lol… Its all good im probably not gonna do it…