Cooper or C. Davis

Start/Sit, Standard Scoring.
Amari Cooper or Corey Davis?

I played Corey Davis over Josh Gordon. I knew in the back of my mind Gordon could have that big score, but I like Davis’ floor. Even against a very good DB I think Corey Davis can put up a good week. I think Cooper has the higher ceiling this week being that he is going to be in a shootout. But he could have 2 catches for 19 yards.

I would play Davis if you think you’re team is likely to win, chase those guaranteed points. If you think you need a boom game then roll the dice with Cooper. I had a big night from Luck and Ebron yesterday. I was thinking about putting Antonio Callaway in my lineup for the upside, but I feel comfortable with Davis getting enough work to not crap my team, especially after a good point total last night.

Hope this helps! Good luck this week.

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I’d start Davis