Cooper or Kerryon?

10 Team, Keeper, Full PPR

Do I keep Amari, even though he has questionable, or Kerryon?

That’s hard, I probably go with Kerryon for the PPR value. Both seem to have some injury issues, but Cooper is somewhere in the 40s amongst consistency for WRs. He’s going to have boom games and total busts. Kerryon offers more stability from a week to week basis. With the Theo Riddick move, he should be more involved in the passing game. Not to mention, seems like there’s a plantar fasciitis problem for Cooper. That could flare up at any time and make him incapable of playing.

I’d go Kerryon as well. Kerryon’s pass catching has got to go up with Riddick out. What round would you be sacrificing by keeping each player?

@mkurtz I wouldn’t be sacrificing any round.

Essentially we get one keeper from last year, that was after the 3rd round and then we draft as normal.

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I’d go Kerryon for the near Bell-cow role he’ll have for Detroit and owning amari copper has always just been so frustrating with the occasional highs but likely duds