Cooper or Ruggs at flex?!

Who should I go with?! Full ppr

I would go with Cooper, even with Ramsey covering him I still think he will have a better game then Ruggs this week.

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What about ceedee lamb?

Thats a good question, Ceedee should see a good amount of targets if Cooper is struggling. If you are worried about Cooper than I think Ceedee is a better option than Ruggs

Yeah I don’t know, so tough to choose but thanks for the help!

If it was you what would you do? Ceedee Cooper or Ruggs?

Is this Amari Cooper or Cooper Kupp?

Amari Cooper

I’d play Amari

I got Cooper in one of my leagues but another team has Ceedee and Gallup, so this week I got to roll with Cooper and take the chance. But if i had the option I would start Gallup or Ceedee

Really eh? Man I’m so stuck on this

Ramsey has the ability to lock down #1 WRs, Cooper tends to struggle against good defensive backs. If you look at the game they played last year Dak only targeted Cooper twice and he was only able to catch one of those. I feel like Cooper is going to struggle this week and Dak is going to have to look at his other WRs to pick up the slack.