Cooper Train?

He is on our waivers. Looking pretty skrong in Silver and blue.

Dak is still trash but I don’t think cooper belongs on waivers. Even in that INT, what you say is they will force feed cooper to try and justify his 1st round pick stock.

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Question is, would you drop D.J. Moore or Sutton for Cooper or MVS.

Cooper will be a garbage time hero. Wish I would have kept him but Chubb was the right call. Cooper was set up to fail unfortunately in Oakland. Never had a chance. Very clear now what Gruden is doing.

I like DJ Moore …more… than Cooper. However, Cooper has more upside than Sutton rest of season. It’s very hard for me to trust Keenum.

It might take a year or two, but…I truly think that Gruden is slowly starting to “CLEAN HOUSE”!!! And…in a year or two…(I could be wrong)….BUT…I think Oakland may once again be a team to be “RECKONED WITH”!!!

I’d take cooper over Moore. Not sure about Sutton I feel like there the same.

I’d take cooper over both moore and sutton probably just cause he has the most upside and has shown he can do it before. He’s their only legit threat and we saw that they were at least willing to give him targets.

MVS or Cooper?

I would personnaly say MVS since the QB throwing to him is much better, and they are hucking the ball a lot.

MVS probably better utility in the near term with Allison out. Cooper still needs to learn the new offense and what not.