Cooper's value?

  1. Do you consider Cooper a reliable weekly WR play all year?
  2. What would his value be if you wanted to target him in a trade?

Cooper’s current owner is a big Pats fan - would you move Jones Jr. & Edelman to get Cooper (is this enough for Cooper?)? My other WRs are Baldwin, Robinson, R. Anderson, K. Benjamin

Standard scoring.

Apologies for bump, but hoping to get some input here

Cooper never will be a reliable weekly player. He is a boom bust WR. Always has been always will be.

In a standard league, coopers value actually diminishes quite a bit cause he’s not the red zone guy there. Jones actually holds more value in standard leagues cause he is the top redzone target for Jones. It’s a close call to be honest with you but I’d probably do it still.

In every year Gruden has coached, he has always had a WR with over 1000 yards. That’s going to be Cooper. He will have down weeks, but I believe he will have a pretty good year. The only WR you have that I like better than Cooper is Baldwin. I think Marvin Jones is due for regression and obviously Edelman is suspended but I would start at Anderson and Edelman for Cooper to start the dialogue. If you get to Jones/Edelman, Id want another player with potential back as well.