Coopin' in his big boy pants (the saga continues)

Given a TD saved last week from being a total bust, I am extremely worried about him against Denver this (bad historically). With Hogan injured options are limited…Should I be concerned enough to take a flyer and start Desean Jackson, Dede Westbrook or Corey Coleman in his place?

I have him too and I’m starting Kenny Stills in his place … not sure I would start any of the guys you mentioned over him though .

I agree. if you can find a guy like stills thats not a bad replacement but with those options copper is probably your better option for that big play

In a 14 team PPR league so it is slim picking. Nothing is on waivers at all. I guess I will roll with Amari :neutral_face:

Out of that list I’d pick Coleman. All unlikely to get a td but Coleman will get targets for sure as their go to guy on offence.

i agree ^^