Corey Clement dynasty value?

Hey footclan! I’m thinking of acquiring Clement in dynasty. What do you guys think of his value? Does he carve out a solid role in this offense?

Hard to say. He’s interesting, but I wouldn’t give up a ton. Maybe a mid 2nd? Idk. That may even be on the high side.

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I have a good feeling about Clement but I wouldn’t invest too much in him.

The Eagles appear to have a glutted backfield: Ajayi, Sproles, Clement, Smallwood, Pumphrey, and Matt Jones.

However, Sproles has announced that this is his last season, Pumphrey looked truly overmatched in preseason last year, and Matt Jones seems a long shot to steal significant carries.

Clement was very solid and versatile for them last year so it looks like he could emerge.

Smallwood is the wild card. They seem to like him very much and are exercising quite a bit of patience with him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get significant work.

Finally the Eagles do not rely on a bell cow. So none of their guys are ever going to be truly Golden options worth high value.

At least, that’s what I think.

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Depending on the makeup of your dynasty team, you should be targeting players with defined roles.

Avoid buying any time before camp unless they’re locked in to a role. Stashing RB ‘sleepers’ is a losing proposition. If they don’t score points, they’re not worth having (assuming health).

Obviously this doesn’t include drafting RBs in rookie drafts, since we’re talking trades, but even then you want to avoid guys getting buried on depth charts.

Buy pass catchers before you buy carry eaters. 2-down guys are fine, and cheap, but pass catchers are > where the points are. Obviously there are exceptions, but give me targets over carries.

Words by Dan Sainio

However, if you are that interested in Clement, buy him. I would not spend more then a 3rd.

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Thanks. The reason I ask is because I was recently offered a trade for Sony Michel. I would receive Juju, Clement for Agholor, Michel. Thoughts on that? I know Clement is relatively unknown, but juju is the best player in that trade, in my opinion.

I know that Andy and a couple industry people are high on Clement. But he’s still just a flier.

I’m heavily on the Agholor/Michel side of that offer.

Weighing in late but I’d do that trade but try and counter for just Michel, Juju is the best player there. Michel is unproven and also a pats RB, who fumbles and could be a risky weekly play with high upside sure but also high bust potential.

Juju and Clement have both proven production, Agholor i think is actually a good own in dynasty and late in redrafts - would the juju/clement owner trade for just Michel? I ask because the Michel owner in my dynasty league was pretty high on him and was getting some similar offers, i’d be happier to trade Michel for JuJu and Clement and keep Agholor here.

Edit - Depends a little on your RB depth as well, if you need someone to start or flex from the off this is a little riskier as Clement may take longer to carve out a meaningful role again with Sproles back and Ajayi seemingly given first crack at being the main guy. Michel will likely start early and often but you never know with Bill…

@James89 @fun4willis @DFWB here’s my depth chart! I don’t think he’ll do anything other than Agholor, Michel at this point. And maybe I shouldn’t make the trade.

Having seen that, i think i like your roster more to be honest. i like Clement and JuJu but i think it’s a bit of a nothing move for you based on that roster, you don’t have a need at WR IMO and you have enough upside guys at RB

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I have someone debating Landry, Jordan Howard for Agholor, Michel. My gut tells me that’s a better trade? @James89

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Getting Howard in to give you Hunt/Mixon/Howard as your 3 starting RBs is pretty good and you do still have Kerryon who could be a three down guy but you’ll have to wait on him i feel.

Landy is a big risk IMO this year, there’s no guarantee that he gets used in the same way with the Browns and no guarantee that he can succeed any other way. He’s for sure not getting the volume in the same way, Duke is arguably one of the best pass catching RBs and if you’re looking down field, you’re looking at Gordon lets be fair. Could he dominate the middle of the field with Njoku helping out, maybe but there are a lot of questions!
But as you have MT and Adams you’re set for years at dynasty starting WRs and Tate will do a job in PPR formats for you. Godwin, Shepard are good prospects and Washington to be fair so you can absorb Landry in there and not feel too much pain if he doesn’t work out that well. Howard though is a upgrade over Michel for sure and also over Mixon currently given the coaches in CIN if that’s on the table i’d have a very hard time saying no, you get an RB1 and a potential high end WR2 back for a rookie RB and a WR3 - count me in

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Okay, since you’re on a roll here. My 3rd Trade offer is slightly different but intriguing.

Dak, Michel, Corey Grant for
Luck, Duke J, and CJ Anderson

My QBs are Dak, Tannehill, Big Ben, Dalton, and Mason Rudolph.

Thoughts? Appreciate the advice!

Hmm this one is difficult to call today because of Lucks injury and the unknowns of his comeback (if there is one!) Duke and CJ are nice pieces but only role players and CJ could be a couple of years as a patch then out and Duke, well if they had no Hyde in CLE i’d be higher on him but as of today he’s part of a three headed committee and i think he’ll lose targets to Landry and Njoku and of course carries to Chubb and Hyde.

If Luck is back i’d think about it but Dak will always give you a floor with his rushing ability and when the O-Line and weapons are there he’s a great start, when they’re not for any reason don’t play him. You have Big Ben for now. Michel could be a solid RB2 with upside over Cj and Duke and if he does get used as his draft capital suggests he has a safer floor too.

So i’d pass for now, but if luck is really back i’d be very tempted to lock up my QB spot and you’re still safe at RB and you’d have some depth in place plus Hyde really could be out next year so Duke will have value again with a bigger share of the backfield with Chubb.

Edit - Are all these offers from the same owner by the way? If so can you let us see his roster?