Corey Clement Dynasty

Grabbed Clement as my fifth RB in my dynasty start up draft (12 team, half PPR) got three half decent trade offers straight away, one by the Ajayi owner. They were all for two picks in the current draft all in round 13 (present round) and either round 14 or 15 too various posistions.

I didn’t take them because i like Clement and it’s hard to call his value in May!? Am I crazy for firstly not taking the best draft picks offered or am I crazy for thinking if Clement stays in form and if he gets opportunity over Ajayi either spelling or via injury, as the investment in Ajayi isn’t massive by PHI I could potentially have the main RB or the better time share man in their backfield going forward?

Love clement too and I definitely agree with not trading and that he has room for an increased role but my problem is how big of a room can he eventually carve out for himself with his size? PHI seems like a smart front office so i dont think they’d ever give him a 3 down workload


I think people see him as smaller than he is, he’s actually the same weight as Ajayi just a couple of inches shorter. I don’t he’ll get three down workload though, PHI like to mix in their RBs too much but will be interesting to see how much of the backfield work he can get though

Wow. He is bigger than I thought. I will say, I’ve not seen him play like a 220 lb back yet. If that’s in there though, I don’t see Ajayi as any sort if huge obstacle.

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I did a Dynasty trade I gave C Davis for Clement. Yes I know for this year not a good trade I traded the better player, however the upside of Clement in dynasty is greater that Davis. Clement should be the goal line back too.

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I think that Clement is a good get, but it might be another busted up year. I believe that Sproles will be a big part of the passing work. I would be very surprised if he is back next year, but this year he will be there and that keeps the backfield in muddy waters. Going forward, though, Clement is definitely interesting in dynasty.

I do not think it was a bad idea to pass on those picks. They would not return enough for what I think Clement presents. Better picks, yes. Move him. For what was offered, I also would have held Clement.

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Yikes… the upside (and floor) of Davis is substantially higher than Clement’s, imo.

Thank you for the insight. I agree with that statement this year. However in my standard dynasty Ajay’s contract is up after this year, or are the Eagles going to resign him? I am going on that Ajay will be let go. Blount is gone, Clement is under contract until the end of 2019 then he will be a RFA. now I have to look at Philly. I believe Philly will pull the 5th year option on Wentz, in doing this they will need to look at their salary cap. This means they will have to start to cut the fat. RB’s have the shortest life span in the NFL. that is why I like Clement better than Corey Davis. It works for me. My trade may work or may not. However, I will play dynasty like I play chess 3 moves ahead of my opponents.

I’d expect them to add another RB (which they already did this offseason).

We could very well be talking about Davis as a first or 2nd round dynasty pick next year. I’d be shocked if we’re ever talking about Clement like that, under any circumstances.