Corey clement on pitch count!

Get him out of your line up!

what do you mean he’s on pitch count?

Limited snaps! Abandon ship!



Shit…hope no one saw this


@BrooklynMD…I know buddy, I also agreed on a similar post that it would prob be advisable not to play him. Who knew.

Well…CHIT!!! I played Smallwood. Oh well…it’s still early…hard to say what will happen rest of game.

TD sucks but if they stay up they will go to the run and if they are worried about Clement then it will be Smallwood and Adams doing most of the clean up duty.

Damn he just scored… I managed to bench him seconds before he was locked out…I hope I made the right decision!

@psychosem17…sure as hell hope you’re right!! :sweat_smile:

At least he’s being used on the goal line for future reference. Reason for optimism going forward

Um meanwhile Saquon Barkley looks like friggin Jim Brown out there

Looks like Maurice Clarrett was supposed to look like before, y’know, the Samurai swords…

Well good thing is Clement has only gotten 3 touches in the first half, so that makes me feel better for benching him for now…

@falcones404…LOL…that little man IS amazing. Those hurdles and then what…28 broken tackles next play???

Saquon might be more incredible than Gurley. He looks like a man amongst boys!

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This game that is a pretty good comparison. Clement and Smallwood both did similar but Clement got the passing work and the touchdown. Smallwood’s catch was more accidental than designed as Carson just flipped it out to him when he was about to get tackled. Smallwood also fumbled. :frowning:

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I put clement in and I got 16pts. not bad… I didn’t hear about the pitch count LOL… bar was too loud


I saw this just now but If I would’ve seen it earlier I wouldve swapped lmao

Had to have some balls to start him. I did it but wasn’t expecting much but thought he was the real starter, not Smallwood. He can do it all and has the historical record.

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Want to know the snap count numbers since it felt like Smallwood was in for close to 70% of snaps vs Clement and Clement still outperformed.

Was really surprised that Adams didn’t see a touch. I guess like they say they don’t have time to gameplan for a Thursday game.

I expect the carry distribution to be nothing like this going forward. Adams will definitely have a role.

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