Corey Davis- Breakout or Sell High?

I am wondering peoples feeling on Davis. Do you think he will be solid ROS or if I included him and a running back for Michael Thomas or Juju would you trade him?

If you were to do a trade for Thomas or Juju, with Davis, which of my RB’s would you trade for them?
-Gurley, Howard, Collins, Kerryon, Breida

My WRs are Allen, Cooper, Davis, Watkins and Boyd.

I don’t think you will find a trade there for Thomas Howard and Collins values are super low right now and Bredia and Kerryon are not valuable enough to pair with Davis to get those guys. MT is a stud so will need to be a stud going back and JuJu has been consistent with a solid floor and good ceiling, with Brown there commanding coverage.

I would hold Davis, he is a target vacuum in that Titans attack and has the talent to get it done. Of course if someone was crazy enough to give you a guy like MT or Julio for Davis then of course pull the trigger on that asap

If you can get equal value for his performance yesterday then sure. But you probably can’t. He’s not going to score more than he did yesterday. Eagles secondary is terrible.

He’s probably a hold for now