Corey Davis? Call me nuts

I think with Tannehill slinging the ball, I’m willing to pick up Corey Davis.
Only way I could do it is by dropping Mike Williams. I know Mike Williams’ air yards are outstanding, he still puts up mediocre numbers every week.

It’s not nuts right? Maybe it is.

I did not watch the game. Have only looked at snaps, targets and RZ opportunity. Why Corey Davis over AJ Brown?

I still have some annoying, stupid secret love for Corey Davis and think he can still produce. Honestly, I thought he (AJ Brown) was already on somebody’s roster and I just looked and he’s not.

Sooo switch, grabbing AJ Brown and releasing Mike Williams.


Been disappointed in Gordon. Shows flashes of being a great receiver but limited targets and no consistency. Can pick up Parker on the fins, been putting up good numbers the last few weeks. I can also pick up Corey Davis. It was one game but does anyone see this being consistent or just his one and five games where he does something?

Being from Tennessee they want all of the receivers to get the ball. Brown and David especially. Tannehill does offer something Mariota could never do which is just give his receivers a chance to make a play. Davis was a top 5 pick for a reason so I’d lean his way and the upcoming schedule looks pretty great.


Saw the news of fuller likely out a few weeks. Would you put stills over Davis?

Drop Djax for Davis?

Oof. I don’t think so. Didn’t DJax almost play this week? Jackson could be Wentz’ saving grace.
If anything I would trade Desean. I’m giving up Mike Williams for Davis or Brown. I would take Jackson for Williams.

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As far as I’m concerned DeSean Jackson, Corey Davis, AJ Brown and Kenny Stills are all bench players/bye week fill-ins. If you can trade any of them for a starting piece, do it!


Yeah that actually makes more sense.
Package players.

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Think Devante Parker a fill-in as well?

Desperation fill-in maybe

Oh yeah! Poster boy for “Fill in player”.

Unless you are in a 16 team or deep starting lineup league would you want any of those players starting for you?

It’s one thing if your dealing with a bye week or multiple injuries.

Pretty sure this is Baller preferred league scoring:

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I get that these guys are fliers but they could also be productive over some one that we are not for sure will play. The waivers each are getting thin and I could be missing out on a player that can actually play. Davis or Still could be the guy I need. Djax has as much risk than those guys.

As an example I prefer Chase Edmonds above any of the mentioned WRs. Or Ty Johnson.

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