Corey Davis dynasty value

What’s everyone’s opinion on Corey Davis?

High draft pick, Rishard Matthews is his only competition at mo and he hits free agency next year. Mariota though has only an average of 3300 yards over last two seasons. Do we think this will change under the new OC?

What round would you draft him in dynasty?

He’s a top 20 dynasty WR for me. Probably closer to 20 than 15, but I’d have to really look at it. No idea what to expect from the new OC, but it can’t be much worse than what They’ve had.

I think you’re mistaken about him being a FA next year. He’s going into the second year of his rookie deal, which should be 4 years (with a team option for a 5th, since he was a first rounder). Don’t see him going anywhere any time soon.

Thanks for the input. I meant Rishard Matthews (Davis’ only serious competition at WR at mo) hits free agency next year. I’m leaning taking the risk with him as my fifth pick in a keeper league as I like his talent and upside… Difficult with dynasty. Do you take a proven consistent receiver like say Golden Tate with high floor but no upside or a 2nd year talent with upside to be a great player but could wind up getting 500 yards over 16 games next year?

What does the rest of your roster look like? If you have a other safe guys, I would take the risk on Davis; if you have other risky guys, take Tate.
Now, that being said, if there are no limits on keepers and you can have Davis forever and/or if you think you can get Tate later in the draft, then Davis all the way.