Corey Davis, Fitz, Baldwin - Pick 2 in a sad playoff WR Collection

I have to choose two out of this bunch that somehow managed to get me into the playoffs:

Corey Davis vs Jacksonville
Larry Fitzgerald vs Detroit
Doug Baldwin vs Minnesota

Or do I play the Hail Mary and go Trequan Smith vs Tampa Bay?

Half ppr

If you think are a big underdog, I would play Trequan Smith and hope for a miracle. If you think your team can be pretty competitive, I would go with Davis and Fitz. Neither have been great, but both are clear number 1 receivers on their team, and both have been heavily involved in the red zone. Hope for that touchdown. I like Fitz over Davis if you do the desperation Trequan play.

I’m a 9 point dog. He’s got a Cam, CMC, Odell, JuJu, and Kelce. Other than that nothing.

My backs and flexes are Gurley, Chubb, Michel, and Gus Edwards.

I feel like I’m not a dog enough to play trequan. I have Corey Davis and Fitz in my lineup as of now.

I think I might roll with that and depending on how Corey Davis does tonight play either Fitz or Trequan based on that.