Corey Davis for 1.12 and Crabtree

Giving away Davis. Would you do it?

I don’t think that’s even close.

If this is a dynasty I would not do it. I prefer the upside of Davis in the new offense over Crabtree at the Ravens.

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I would not do this trade.

That said, based on current Davis value I think it’s a typical offer. I would buy Davis for this but not sell for it.

Davis is in a scheme that isn’t going to allow him to break out though - I think his potential is huge but is he going to be given that opportunity? Tennessee were 28th in throwing attempts last year and 26th the year before. They also went and added a pass catching RB in Lewis.

Last year they also had only one more Passing TD then Chicago who were awful. We can keep blowing smoke up this guys arse but just because he was a high pick it doens’t make him a guarenteed success. Also, everyone writes off Crabtree but Baltimore was 11th in passing attempts without a solid WR like Crabtree who (despite age) is proven in getting open. Their defence was unreal too so opportunities will be there.

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I agree that Crabs is not being talked about. I think he will be a value in 2018.

The Titan will likely have a different scheme this year with new OC Matt LaFleur. No guarantees obviously , but he comes from two prolific offenses Atlanta Falcons (2015–2016) as the Quarterbacks coach and Los Angeles Rams (2017) as the Offensive coordinator. Volume in the Titans offense shouldn’t be an issue.

I think it comes down to health for Davis and Mariotta. If they can stay healthy in 2018 I expect production.

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And that coaching staff is gone.

I would keep Davis here.