Corey Davis for Rashaad Penny

As a Carson owner, would you trade away Corey Davis for Rashaad Penny? Davis is my WR5

Yes, I would. I don’t value Davis that much. I think I’d prefer guaranteeing whatever is the best part of Seattle backfield and find some WR5. He isn’t consistent enough in my opinion to be reliable on the few occasions you’ll use him if he’s your 5

Honestly, aside from injury to my WR1-4, I’d probably never be in a situation where I needed to start him. I’ve got Adams, Thomas, AB, Woods, Davis, Moncrief, Dorsett, Reynolds.

Penny owner isn’t budging on moving him for Davis. Might have to move Davis for someone else and try again

with those WR options before him, I would definitely be looking to move him for another position as he is purely break in case of emergency for you. The Penny owner I think is sensible to hold right now.

Anyone own his namesake Mike Davis? I really like him as being a RB2 that can be started safely this season.

Whats your league like? Just with that kind of WR corps its hard to not be thinking that two of them could bring a pretty high calibre RB. Robert Woods must be attracting a lot of interest in your league.

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Just to clarify i’m not suggesting offering up Woods for Mike Davis. But if he’s owned i’d look into getting him especially if Chicago don’t use high draft on another rb.

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I would without question. CD has just not lived up to expectations. Rashaad Penny was drafted to be the starter and did start getting a bigger role near the end of the season.

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Yeah Mike Davis is owned and the guy who has him has terrible RB depth…he’s got Michel, Devonta Freeman, Breida, Mike Davis, and Gio Bernard…and a few scrubs. Mike Davis is one of my targets though, I think I could pry him away, but I’d likely have to send back a bunch of RB depth. Not a bad idea to think about I suppose.

I just recently acquired Woods, but yeah I’m sure he’s a valuable piece I can trade and it won’t affect my starters. I like him a lot as a starter and I love him as someone I can rotate in and not worry about a major step down (if at all) in production.