Corey Davis on my wire

Corey Davis is on my waiver wire… do I drop Golladay, Boyd, or Breida to try and get him?

Also on my wire: Cooper Kupp, John Brown

EDIT: Standard Scoring, 8 team league

For real?? All 3 of them are available?

Yea… what to do what to do

If you don’t mind, I’ll just sit over here in the corner and listen to what people suggest!

Put in these two claims, in this priority order:

Drop Boyd – Pick-up Cooper Kupp

Drop Boyd – Pick-up Corey Davis

Drop Golladay – Pick-up Corey Davis

So to start, I think Kupp and Davis are better than Golladay and Boyd, so I would prefer them on my bench instead of the others. Boyd is of less value than Golladay, so drop him first. Two claims to drop Boyd, one to pick-up Davis, one to pick-up Kupp. If the one for Kupp goes through, the one for Davis will negate since you already dropped Boyd. But it can go through with Golladay.

Just my two cents.

Yea, I was thinking Boyd was the guy to drop.

However I think I will target Davis first and Kupp second… Davis is the WR1 on that team while Kupp is part of a 3-headed offence

Now that I think of it, if I can get both I think I’ll do it. I’ll take the rams 3-headed offence over the lions 3-headed offence (Kupp over Golladay).

But after their weeks I’ll be lucky to get 1 haha.

Alright, so are you rostering two tight ends, two defenses, or two quarterbacks ? I always ask this because I would drop one of those before any other bench spot. But if you aren’t, this is a really tough decision

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2 defences because I have the bears :frowning: