Corey Davis or Amari cooper rest of season?

Half point ppr which one do you prefers Amari or Davis?

thats bad. I dont love either QBs. Id say Corey Davis because he receives a lot of targets.

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going Amari based on Oakland’s defense is really bad and he should get more oppertunites

What about Amari cooper or Allen Robinson? I’m trying to trade amari plus burkhead and get Robinson in return

Robinson has the highest floor and upside; he’s peppered with targets and is the best pass catcher on the team (sorry Trey Bu-Bu). Burkhead is a drop candidate so I like swapping Cooper and Burkhead for Robinson.

well you waited a week too long to trade cooper… you needed to trade him at his apex when he was 10 for a buck… now with 2 duds his value won’t garner the return. Same with Rex.

I’d rather have Robinson. I have cooper and Davis as well and am actively trying to move both