Corey Davis or Amari cooperbrest of season?

My WRs are cooper, Baldwin, Agholor, enunwa.
My rbs are Gordon, McCaffrey, murray, ekler, Clement, Kerryon Johnson and burkhead.
Would you try and get Corey Davis? And who would you trade away?

I would probably grab Corey. Been a cooper owner myself and he is too unreliable for me.

Try and trade Baldwin for Davis. I want literally no part of his injury right now.

I’m actually fine with Cooper. He has shown that he is still the route technician. Problem though is still Carr. But not like you solve that problem by getting Davis. Both dudes are guys currently severely limited by their QBs. I wouldn’t place too much stock into this week. People are always sleeping on Howard. Dude has been shutting guys down since last season.

I wouldn’t trade cooper for davis. That’s a pretty lateral move and one where I actually prefer cooper more. I’d try and trade away your RBs / Agholor or some combo there of (although don’t think you need to, Davis stock is pretty low). Either that or Baldwin.