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Corey Davis or Dalvin Cook


Looking for some help on a rookie keeper league. I have Dalvin Cook and Corey Davis and I want to keep one. Issue is that you loose what ever projected round they go in if you keep them. Any Advice on who I should keep? I would lose my second if I Keep Cook and my 6th if I keep Davis. This is a Full PPR 12 man league. Thanks.


I feel like each would be kept at around their actual value. I see Cook as an early 2nd round guy and Davis as a late 5th. So, technically you’d be getting a better value on Davis, but assuming Cook is able to pick up where he left off, I think he is the significantly better player. Assuming you are okay with the injury risk, I would keep Cook.


I would add that Cook has proven his value, Corey Davis has yet to.