Corey Davis or Derrick Henry?

Won’t tell you which one I was offered. Just want to know which one you’d prefer in dynasty and why.

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In Dynasty, I would go with Corey Davis. WR always seem to be a long term asset were RBs could be highly productive for 2-4 years and then get burned out.
Dynasty I would go Corey Davis, but in any other format I would go Henry.

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Davis, and I don’t think it’s that close, especially if there’s any PPR element. Henry is a sell high candidate for me.

Davis for sure, especially in dynasty. Longer “lifespan” and paired with a young and talented QB. I also agree with the sell high on Henry. I feel like he’s going to be the next Eddie Lacy. A season or two of good numbers and then bleeeeeeeh!

Davis, I think he will have a great year with a full off-season with Mariota. They seemed to be getting in the same page at the end of last season. Sky is the limit for him IMO.