Corey Davis or Dion Lewis

I’m down by 3 going in to MNF. Opponent has Lamar Miller should i play Corey Davis or Dion Lewis. Really NEED the win.

Since you’re down 3 and your opponent has Miller (say 8-12 pts for him?), I’d go with Davis because I think he has a better chance than Lewis of getting that 15+ pts you may need.

Lewis probably has a safer floor though…

I had this exact same dilemma and I didn’t really like either option so at the last minute, I scooped up Jack Doyle and started him over both.

I’m curious, how’d it turn out?

I took your advice and played Corey Davis. Miller scored 23 while Davis scored 21. Definitely the right decision although I lost. Lewis only managed 7 points.

I have a burning hatred for Corey Davis after last night

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ahh bummer

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