Corey Davis or Josh Doctson rest of year?

in a standard league

I had Doctson on my bench for 6-7 weeks, dropped him and now he looks like a good option. I have Corey Davis right now and plan on keeping him even though Doctson is available. Davis has some great matchups coming up, and they are feeding him the ball a bunch every game no matter what.

Doctson is in a great position but his schedule is brutal. Next week vs the Giants (Janoris Jenkins), Week 14 at the Chargers (Casey Heyward), Week 15 vs Arizona (Patrick Peterson), then week 16 at home vs Denver. He has made some incredible catches this season, even one game winner basically with Sherman covering him. But that schedule is not pretty. Davis has a much nicer road to points.

Davis has not had a big game yet, but neither has Doctson. Scored here and there, some long grabs, but he has had so many opportunities for huge games and just hasn’t done it. Just my opinion, but Im sticking with Davis. Hope this gives some insight, good luck!

Great information. Thank you!