Corey Davis or JuJu Smith-Schuster?

Question is pretty much there, who do you guys like more this season, Corey Davis or JuJu? I have juju currently as one of my starting receivers in my 12 team standard league along with golden Tate (went heavy with RBs with Elliott, Howard, and mixon). Would you guys like juju there or Davis? Davis seems to be the #1 passing option in Tennessee while juju is third option at best.

I would rather take WR #2 on a higher powered offense than the maybe #1 passing option on a team that isn’t doing so well.

I would rather have JuJu. Cory Davis is more of a flex play to me.
Also, they have Lewis to contribute to the passing game and we know Mariota loves those short passes.

Id rather have JuJu as of right now. Im a titans fan but corey davis hasnt shown enough. He was hurt most of last year, even though he was a #5 overall pick, it doesnt mean it will translate to the field. I believe JuJu is also the 2nd option not third.

Juju is the 3rd look after Brown & Bell on passing plays.

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