Corey Davis or MVS? 1/2 PPR? Probably need higher ceiling

My RB’s are weak this week, I will likely need my flex to go off. Should I stick with Corey Davis vs NE’s defense, or give MVS a shot vs Detroit?

I would still play Davis, I think he has just as good of a chance (if not better) to score compared to MVS.

Thanks for your input. Corey Davis as the clear #1 in his offense will see a lot of volume, but MVS has such a juicy matchup, the packers will be out to show they can still play. right now i’m leaning MVS just because i think half of the rest of my team will dud and i’m shooting for 15+ points from my flex

If you really wanna ball out then MVS could go off for 2+ TDs it’s true, and I don’t think Davis has that in him this week. Big risk/reward play!