Corey Davis or Sony Michel

1 point ppr
Rb1 - Gordon
Rb2 - Yeldon
Wr1 - Thielen
Wr2 - Landry

Trying to decide between Michel or Davis for my flex. I also have sanders, agholor, and Aaron Jones on my bench.
Side note how does everyone feel about yeldon this week,? This Fournette injury is really killing me…

Michel no question about it - start him up


Michel, the Colts D is awful and Yeldon is going to be huge this week I feel.

Did you see what Royce and Lindsay did the Chiefs defense before Vance Joseph decided to Booker it up?

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Just going to go against the grain here a little…

While I think Michel is a fine play, prior to last week, he was averaging just a little over 3 yards a carry with no TDs. I have a little hesitation, especially with the addition of another target, Edelman, and the short week.

I would look pretty hard at Agholor (if PPR league) and Aaron Jones this week. I’m leaning towards Aaron Jones against a weak DET run defense. Aaron has seen increased touches, albeit it’s only been 2 weeks, but he’s looked pretty good. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got 15 or more touches this week.

Agholor would be more of a PPR play than anything, since he doesn’t get targeted very far down the field, but they do love throwing to him. I think he has a better matchup this week and could probably do better than his down weeks.

Lastly, Yeldon. Gonna be a good week. :+1:t3::+1:t3:

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