Corey davis or Tyreek Hill in Dynasty?

who would you rather?

just straight up? cause there isnt even a closeness to this. tyreek. the only reason you dont take tyreek over him, is if you just dont like who he is as a person. which i cant argue with that, thats anyone right.

I offered Corey davis for Tyreek Hill in my Dynasty league and the guy INSTA accepted. Made me think wow what did i just do here.

i believe the term that needs to be used, is trade rape haha. the guy must just be scared of hill. which, all good and dandy but damn at least try to get more.

Ya i hear ya! I saw the news about him not playing and threw out a “young up and comer” which i do not believe in Corey Davis at all.

The official trade was Corey Davis and Jamaal Williams for Hill and Marshawn lynch

congratulations on your fantastic trade. just hope that tyreek can stay out of trouble

Hill has no suspension anymore. So he will be going in the late 1st or early 2nd in redraft leagues

this just got the official “you won that trade hard” award. way to get this in the day before!

This is really close for me, but I’m definitely leaning slightly to the Tyreek side… slightly