Corey Davis over anyone on my team?

So I’m 2-5. My team doesn’t look awful but full of under performers. I was first pick and took DJ and have stashed him in the vague hope he’ll be back this season.

QBs: Cam Newton, Russell Wilson
RBs: Ajayi, D.Martin, T. Cohen, O. Darkwa, David Johnson (I’ve held on to him too long now to drop)
WR: Dez Bryant, Doug Baldwin, T.Y. Hilton, Devin Funchess, Will Fuller
TE: Jason Witten, Delanie Walker

We play 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, & Flex with 6 bench spots. 8 man league, half point PPR.

Who should I drop for Corey Davis. I want to drop Hilton but I know i’d probably regret it. I’m leaning towards Cohen right now. I picked up Cam in week three after his owner dropped him. I have tried to use him as trade bait but no one in my league bites. Everyone is very trade shy, they are all worried about ‘losing’ a trade. Is Corey Davis worth having over anyone on this team?

I’m in the same boat and considering dropping Funchess. I start Thielen and Hill every week, so I could benefit more from having a top-talent potential vs a number 2 on a team. Maybe that’s how you could think of it and drop Funchess

That’s a tough call with your lack of depth at RB. Maybe try to package 2 of your guys for a slight upgrade and pick him up?